Now Open for iOS

Posted by Dave Eddy on 08 Sep 2016 - tags: tech

Use Now Open to find places around you that are currently open

I created What's Open 3 years ago, but got a cease and desist for the name and pulled it from the market. Now, I have an LLC in place and a Trademark filed for Now Open, so it's back up under a new name!

Open this app to see a map that automatically zooms to your current location and shows every place around you that is open - Complete with "food" and "pizza" buttons!

  • Find all places around you that are currently open
  • See how long you have until a business closes (ie. 30 minutes left!)
  • Search for keywords like "pasta", "Chinese", "bars", etc.
  • Easily open your favorite maps app for navigation
  • Quickly call any place you find
  • Share places found on Facebook and Twitter
  • Eat at new restaurants, visit new locations!
  • Great for finding late night spots

DIY Wood Stained Staircase Risers

Posted by Dave Eddy on 18 Aug 2016 - tags: diy

My house had some ceramic tiles on the staircase risers that were... not my favorite. My mom had actually come up with the idea when I first bought the house to cut pieces to fit from a quarter inch sheet of Lauan plywood and stain and seal it - Two years later I finally did it!


DIY Overwatch Themed Desk and Gaming Rig

Posted by Dave Eddy on 18 Jul 2016 - tags: diy

I have been absolutely hooked on Overwatch for the past couple of weeks - I haven't had this much fun playing a PC game since StarCraft Brood War or Minecraft. I've been mostly playing on my iMac running Windows through bootcamp. While it worked, it could really only handle medium graphics setting at around 40 FPS. For a long time I've toyed with the idea of building a "rig" - a new PC specifically for gaming. Now that I finally have the game I want to play, that was all the justification I needed.

I built a new PC, and at the same time also made a new Overwatch themed desk for the PC to go in my room.


Burned Entertainment Center

Posted by Dave Eddy on 06 Jul 2016 - tags: diy

My cousin came over one day so we could build an entertainment center for his soon-to-be game room! He had a rough idea of what he wanted, so we made a simple plan and got to cutting. All in all this project took about ~30$ worth of materials and only a couple hours to build.


Wheeling Workbenches

Posted by Dave Eddy on 03 Jul 2016 - tags: diy

I originally built workbenches to hold my Miter saw, however I noticed it was getting painfully annoying to have to move things off of my bench just to make a few cuts, or cover everything I was working on currently with saw dust because the saw would kick it up everywhere.

So, I built a really simple work bench on wheels to hold the saw. Again, just like the original workbenches, I liked it so much I built a second one to just be able to freely roll around my garage for ad hoc projects.


Zelda Triforce Wood Art

Posted by Dave Eddy on 26 Jun 2016 - tags: diy

I had some left over pieces of poplar from a project Brandon was working on, so I decided to cut out some triangles. After some messing around, I didn't like the green hue so I cut new pieces out of pine, and got some pine strips for the border, and dark stained plywood for the backing.


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